About Arrivals & Departures

Arrivals & Departures was created by Jason Walker as a means to inspire and enlighten travelers about the wonders of the world around them.

Planet Earth is filled with many incredible sights, sounds and experiences that are just waiting to be seen. Arrivals & Departures aims to showcase these destinations, both well known and off the beaten path.

Here you’ll find guides, photography, and experiences from an avid traveler aiming to inspire anyone to embark on the journey of a lifetime, or perhaps learn about places you’d never dreamed could exist.

Join me as I explore the world, and share it on Arrivals & Departures. To stay up to date with my latest adventures and creative happenings, check out Arrivals & Departures on social media below:

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The Arrivals & Departures store was created as a way for me to explore a different creative outlet. Here you’ll find varying designs, prints and products that draw inspiration from an array of different cultures and places I have experienced across the globe. Check it out here.

The world awaits, get out there and experience it for yourselves…